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The Tech-mil Global Distribution Model

The Tech-mil Global Distribution Model

Eliminate your supply chain frustrations by working with an intelligent distribution model that gets it right. Our distribution model has innovative solutions for new product introduction, cost reduction, dealing with product shortages and eliminating supply chain disruptions. As a B2B, Our customers love us because they are ready to leave a mark when fulfilling consumer wishes. Our teams bring years of experience and market intelligence in the distribution of electronic components across the world! It won't matter whether you are dealing with tough market conditions, Tech-mill got you fully covered. 

Why Our Distribution Model? - techmil

Why Our

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Obvious reasons for a solid New product Introduction plan include eliminating flaws, fast-paced entry into the market and high-quality production. While this seems like enough, a good distribution model for electronic components will take these benefits a notch higher.  This is why we have included lean manufacturing in our distribution cycle to prevent chances of product re-engineering. Learn More

Cost Reduction
Tech-mil’s cost reduction support will help reduce the cost of getting the necessary electronic components. Lowering costs by a few hundred dollars down requires months of market research, what if we say we have done more and continue to study market patterns to cut your costs by thousands of dollars?

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Obsolescence Management

Achieve desirable obsolescence management throughout the distribution cycle by working with the number 1 supply chain model for electronic components. Our global support teams will help you build a proactive distribution strategy whenever you feel the business has approached a dead end.

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Shortage Sourcing

Questionable sources or quick careless substitution is never the solution for product shortage. Our distribution model figured out a way to offer uninterrupted sourcing for all the components your customers need. Our shortage sourcing team handles your needs right from the start of the manufacturing process to the point where your first buyer walks in.

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On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being not really important and 10 being extremely important: How important is a distribution model to you? Especially one that gets it right all the time?

Our Distribution Line of Products

Our Distribution
Line of Products

Tech-Mil is a leading worldwide distributor of semiconductors, passive and electromechanical components, and products for servicing a diverse range of industries across the globe. 

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