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Our Mission

We are helping hundreds of thousands of businesses grow. Our type of clients are those that wake up hungry and go to work with a desire to build. We have a shared belief here at Tech-mill that what’s good for the customer is good for us. In the time we have run this company and many other businesses like it, we have come to believe that businesses grow out of good conscience and care. We have built a creative, yet a revolutionary solution for businesses that source their electronic components. We are a premier distribution company, and our business model unifies independent manufacturing, and franchise manufacturing, helps with new product introduction, and cost reduction issues, provides kitting services and helps you deal with product obsolescence. We have never had an urge to grow better businesses than in 2023.
From serving a startup company with development needs or NPI, up to Tier 1 OEMs and CEMs, we have the strategic purchasing network that allows you to get the best cost reduction, quality and on-time delivery for your Semiconductor, IP&E and peripheral needs.

About  Tech Mil

About Us

We founded Tech-Mil with a desire to disrupt the supply chain, logistics and distribution of electronic components.  We set out with a team of sales experts, engineers and supply chain specialists to build the best distribution model in the world, and that has been our mission from the very first day, to become a model distributor. One that holds the hand of its clients throughout the journey of procuring goods anywhere in the world. Our teams are committed to being the best, with experience, hands-on skills and knowledge about the vast global electronics supply chain.


Make the switch today towards a better, faster and more reliable procurement team, and Join our growing list of businesses that we work with. 

Imagine Steve Jobs designing the Mac, or any degen building their dream innovation. That’s us with supply chain and logistics. We love our work and we are obsessed with making every product count, not just to us in profit, but also to our end customers. 

Tech-Mil LTD. is a sourcing & purchasing company with a network infrastructure serving businesses all across the world. We deal with the distribution of Semiconductors, Interconnect, Electromechanical, Power and Embedded Electronic Components.

Our vast intimate knowledge of unique distribution channels, within Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, allow us to become the strategic partner for your  company's Purchasing needs on one hand and distribution on the other.

Our team of experts is available to assist you 24/7 in each and every communication channel of your choosing.

Tech-Mill is Obsessed with Electronic Components

Tech-Mill is Obsessed with Electronic Components

We Got You. Anywhere. Anytime.

We Got You.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Localized Support

We want our customers and businesses that rely on us to feel our presence. This is why we have our international offices spread out and localize our teams wherever place they are. Besides, we have a versatile support team that covers all time zones, as well as native-speaking support for at least a few languages. Finally, we have an online live chat team that will respond to your queries as soon as you place them. 

Team Diversity

Managing a global team comes with the biggest advantage, you get to hire the world’s top talent with limitless boundaries. We have a diverse team and from the very beginning, we always wanted to say “we come from different walks of life” This has not only instilled in our company a universal culture but also helped us in our daily interaction with the diverse needs of our clients.

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