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Obsolescence Management

Are you dealing with the problem of product obsolescence?
Do you struggle to keep up with the ever-changing market demands? 

Tech-Mill’s Obsolence Management supply chain model allows us to solve product obsolescence in a cost-effective way. With the right planning, we can help maintain a steady demand for your products and ensure their long-term success. Better yet, our clients never experience any disruptions in the supply chain. 
We understand that product obsolescence can be an issue and, if left unchecked, it can lead to major financial losses. Our solution is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve and ensures that your products remain current and popular in today’s ever-changing markets. 

Below is our approach when dealing with a supply chain dead-end:

  • First identifying areas of your business or parts of the supply chain that could become obsolete. 

  • Gaining turnover visibility through production and order history.

  • Evaluating your customers to identify slow-moving parts.

  • Maintain a versatile compliance framework to speed up adaptability in case of any sudden and unexpected supply chain disruptions. 

  • Building solid replacement strategies through functionality improvements, upgrades, technical feasibility and assessing market trends. 

Having the right parts and components will help extend the lifespan of your products, reducing the need to continuously buy new ones. Plus, our comprehensive solutions allow you to keep up with advances in technology and stay ahead of competitors. 

Don’t be overwhelmed by component lifecycles – let Tech-Mil do the work for you today!

Are you looking for effective ways to manage obsolescence?

Tech-Mil can help your business stay up-to-date and avoid the risks of obsolescence. Our comprehensive approach to Obsolescence Management covers everything from forecasting and inventory management to tracking new technologies. 

No matter what your industry, our flexible solutions can save you time, and money, and keep your company safe from damage that comes with staying behind the times. 

Get started with Tech-Mil today and take control of your business's future!

Connecting Dots

Why Tech-Mill?
Why Your Business? 

Tech-mil’s obsolescence management team helps you and your business plan and buffer for any changes in the lifecycle of a product from the manufacturing process to the end customer. 

Our Expertise in sales and mastery of electronic components

We run various departments here at Tech-Mil. There are product experts, sales specialists and communication support to handle any queries. The different teams work in harmony to oversee the lifecycle of our products and build out strategies to reach businesses like yours. Our comprehensive supply chain and distribution solutions bring us closer to your business as we help address obsolescence challenges. 

Our wide global supply chain

Finding obsolete components can be difficult through traditional sourcing channels. Tap into Tech-Mil’s access to a large selection of components from around the world. Our network of reliable open-market contacts can help you locate the parts you need.

Our Buffer Stock

Tech-Mill can help you locate the outdated parts you require, and take the following action to keep your supply and production going without disruption. We will collaborate with you to create a buffer stock proactively so that you can confidently plan ahead and never have to rush. We can adjust our sourcing and restocking strategies to meet your individual needs.

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